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Powerful features enable everyone to work together across multiple referral programs and multiple marketing campaigns.
Pay as you go pricing, always a free tier, no feature-gating.

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Real Time Reporting

Real time and automated reporting allows you to see visits and conversions as they happen.

Custom Link Creation

Create unlimited links and deep link directly to products with no redirects, all links use the merchant's domain.

Transparent Performance Metrics

Find affiliate programs that are selling and climb to the top of the leader board

Frictionless Management

Across programs and campaigns with unlimited affiliates each with unlimited links


Start Your Referral Program in Minutes

Simply submit your domain and email address to get your custom code to place on your site. Place the code on each page and then focus on spreading the word and growing your referral program.

All the Tracking Features You Need

  • All tracking links use your website domain, not ours.
  • Create as many programs you like, one per domain.
  • Get started with no commitment in just a few minutes.
  • Track all conversions from partners, sales people, affiliates, customers and anyone else.
  • Weekly emailed reports show who's performing so you know who to pay, who to respond to, and who to ignore.
  • Insanely easy partner join page requires no account or signup on Whopath.
  • Dependable and accurate tracking, you know your referral visits will be counted.
  • Register your account so you can come back and see your quick stats anytime.


Earn money from referrals

Participate in a referral program by creating links and then publishing those links to everyone you know or don't know, to your website, and all of your social channels. Feel free to create multiple links.

All the Marketing Features You Need

  • Create as many links as you like, can reuse your email address
  • Weekly emailed reports delivered to you and the program administrator so you always know how you're doing.
  • Dependable and accurate tracking, you know your referral visits will be counted.
  • Always free for partners, affiliates, referrers, or customers.
  • Register an account to be able to come back and view your performance stats.

No more hijacking your sales during checkout! We strictly enforce first click attribution on all Affiliate Programs.

First click attribution is a huge win for the performance marketing community because it properly rewards real marketing efforts while bringing new sales to the store owner. First click attribution brings new customers to you as a store owner, and makes sure that you, the blogger, the affiliate get rewarded for your efforts.

Let's see what happens...

When you setup a new affiliate program you will rightfully expect to get more sales. Those people that are already in your pipeline don't count. Instead, what you'll find when you sign up for the major affiliate networks is this.

On the day before you signed up, let's say you had 10 sales.

Then you signup at a major affiliate firm paying horrific signup fees (into the thousands of dollars).

The day after you sign up you will find that you still have 10 sales except now you owe commissions on 5 of them.

Cut out the nonsense! How does Whopath do it?

First click attribution and some common sense when running your online store will help guarantee that when you signup affiliates, they bring you new customers.

No sign up fees at Whopath! What a concept. Come join the open and transparent affiliate network!

Attract the right kind of affiliates, those people that know how to reach your target audience before they are in your checkout flow (new customers!).

You control the payouts! We're not trying to get into your business and take your money. We don't accept percentages of percentages of whatever you pay your affiliates. We make our money with flat fees like any typical analytics platform. You could say we are a "conversion tracking analytics platform".

Right now Whopath is a baby. Just born, with only a handful of affiliate programs.

We can't promise you tons of new business right when you sign up, in fact you'll need to actually market your new referral program yourself for awhile to find affiliates. But here is what we can guarantee you... No harm will come to your current sales, and it won't cost you anything to join. So dive in, get it done. It takes a few seconds to setup your program on Whopath.

If you're an affiliate, we can guarantee you your just reward. First click attribution does that, if you send a person to the store, and they convert, then you get credit. Not some other affiliate who jumps in right at the last second. So give it a shot, start marketing one of our first-click reward programs now.

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